Edsembly :: History

About your teacher

Former MOE teacher specializing in JC history, who focuses heavily on the basics of reading and writing. I will teach you how to effectively use your history notes, model essays and readings. I will also teach you how to write so that readers will get what you are saying immediately.


My style of teaching history is systematic. I will first teach you how to read better. Teach you how to demystify the complex writings of others. I will then teach you how to construct arguments. Did you know that a good argument just requires 5 short phrases to express? We will then work on your examples, though my self-compiled notes, that will give you more examples than you ever need. And then, evaluation. In short, I will work on you and with you, really thoroughly. And systematically. 

I can be contacted via Carousell, using the same user name, or via easyh2history@gmail.com, if you ever need to contact me. 

For a sample of the notes that I will offer, you can check out it out at:


Feel free to spread the word around. 

Note that the subscription price is for a total of 2 hours of tuition, assuming you wish to have 4x30min sessions a month.