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Hi all, I am from the 2017 A level batch, first batch of the new A level syllabus.  After studying very closely the details of the new syllabus over the past two years, I will offer tuition for several H2 arts subjects.  I'm offering tution for  H2 History H2 Economics H2 China Studies Qualifications:  I just graduated from Pioneer JC and scored distinctions in all my H2 subjects. (History, Econs, CSE) I will provide concise notes for all three subjects, and will provide intense sessions for my students to excel in both the essays and case studies for these subject. As each of these subjects have been revamped in 2017 and this is only the second year of the new syllabus, I will also ensure my students are clear about the emphasis of the brand-new curriculum and have excellent time management.   You may find some of my notes on scribd: https://www.scribd.com/user/379297995/Loo-Yongquan The cost is $50 per hour and $90 for two hours. Please contact me at 86611993


About H2 History Tutor:  After studying the syllabus document closely over the past few years, I offer an easy, clear and structured approach to History. Over the past two years, I have taught six students so far, of which three did not have English as their first language, and they have all achieved distinction for History at A Levels.  After graduating from Pioneer Junior College in 2017, which was the first batch of the new syllabus and scoring distinctions in all my H2 subjects, I am confident that my approach towards History will guarantee an A grade provided one works hard enough. 

About the approach adopted: Essays

Although the History Paper contains a mixture of source-based questions and essays, we will start by focusing intensively on the essay writing section, which constitutes 60% of the grade, because their limited scope can be prepared for easily and serves to form a strong foundation for the exam. Due to the nature of a history exam, the interpretation of the syllabus document by various schools make a big difference in the strength of material/ examples used. As such, I will ensure that my students are equipped with the best supporting materials to help them write the most convincing essays to impress the markers. In order to achieve this, I will prepare “Skeletons” for each topic, where a select material will be chosen and prepared in such a manner that makes memorizing much simpler. For every topic, carefully crafted and convincing essays will also be analysed in detail. At the same time, I will go through the subtle details in the syllabus document that markers look for, and teach them the key adjustments to make that would guarantee an A grade. Overall, in all seven different essay topics in the entire syllabus document, with enough dedication and hard work, every single one of them will be mastered at a top-level. In the process, one of my main goals is also to teach my students crucial linguistic and essay-writing skills which will follow them all the way to university. Source-Based Questions: Moreover, the approach to tackling case studies will also be covered. Although the scope for case studies is not as tight as that of essays, I will ensure that my students are able to write a convincing answer to source-based questions based on ingenuity and logic.   If you are interested, you may contact me at 86611993.