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Curriculum Details - PSLE English Creative Writing

This course develops students' effective writing skills, which enhances their overall language appreciation and mastery. It is especially developed to expose students to general knowledge, world affairs, critical reasoning skills in addition to critical expression of ideas.

What to expect:
Thematic coverage of topics

Writing Components  Narrative and Personal Recounts   Descriptive Writing  Critical Analysis of Suggested Responses  
Getting started  Brainstorming the Story Structure: Setting Main Characters and Plot Elements  Evaluation of Conflicts and Solutions 
Writing a Captivating Beginning  Using Flashbacks  Using Speech/ Dialogue  Using Sound Effect  Using Description of Place and Weather 
Building Tension  Tension Between Characters  Tension with the Setting – Weather, Location, Environment  Tension with the Self 
Memorable Main Event  Usage of Specific Thoughts and Emotions Verbs  ‘Showing’ Action in Words  Main Character Thoughts and Feelings – Direct and Indirect 
Satisfying Conclusion  Recalling the Past   Deciding for the Future / Lesson Learnt  Main Character Thoughts and Feelings 

Building Vocabulary   Weekly Reviews of New Words Discovered in Our Storybook Reading Programme  Application of Phrases on Common Themes: Metaphors, Personification and Similes e.g. Accidents, Mishaps, Events, Crime  Overused Verbs and Adverbs Replacement  Sentence Variation  Adding Speech – Using the Right Language 
Review of Common Mistakes Committed  Poor Expression  Language Errors – Incorrect Use of Punctuations, Wrong Tenses, Spelling Errors  Inadequate Details