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Hello, All: My name is Vee Kummari and I am an IB chemistry teacher with two decades of experience mentoring students in IB HL and SL chemistry as well as IGCSE chemistry. I hold a master's degree in chemistry education and a chemistry teaching credential from the United States. I have taught at reputed international schools in Taiwan, Japan, and Germany. My students IB exam average has been 6.0 on both HL and SL exams and 7.0 on the internal assessment (IA). My students matriculated into world's renowned universities, such as Cambridge, MIT, Princeton, and Oxford to name a few. I have also successfully guided my students in preparing for Oxbridge interviews in chemistry, biochemistry, and material science. Best wishes, Mr. Vee


Hello, All:

This class will enable you to gain a deeper understanding of chemistry concepts and the connections between them across the curriculum. You will learn how to strategically approach both multiple choice as well as free response questions in papers 1, 2, and 3 and answer them efficiently in a limited time slot. We will also look at a variety of data response and experimental-work related questions in section A of paper 3 in order to successfully deduce the answers by incorporating the right key words. 

I am glad to share my expertise to help you successfully navigate through the IA as well as the rigorous final exams. I look forward to a fruitful collaboration with you all out there.

Best wishes, 

Mr. Vee