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About your teacher

His Inspirational Story and Philophy Glenn is accomplished and certified Science teacher or lecturer who has 12 years of coaching experience with teaching kids from primary to university level in the aspect or faculty of science and maths. His profile is well known in the education industry as a dedicated teacher with a strong unique passion for kids, to groom them to be elite future scientist. Over the years, he had built successful track records of students scoring Distinctions and doing very well for the subjects that he coaches. His background: Glenn started as a software engineer developing financial portals. He then used his talent to work with astar and many companies. He had Five years’ experience in Software Engineering in developing sandbox solutions, web portals, intranets and complex web application systems for government agencies. Completed several full cycles of SDLC from Info analysis gathering to actual beta launch and Post-Launch debugging support.


This class is opened for students who want to score Distinction or excellent grades for O level Biology.

i will be going through all the essential topics of O level Biology during my online classes. There will be Lecture , tutorial and assignments for this course.

Students are encouraged to purchase the recommended textbooks or guidebooks so that they have a good understanding of the concepts.

Student track records : Students who signed up for my classes , they have improved 1-2 grades within 6-8 months when they applied my learning strategy and methods.

For more information , please visit www.purelyscience.com.sg