About us

We provide a platform for teachers to create online classrooms for students to learn.

Learning on Edsembly

Study Notes

Bite size notes provided are well organized and sorted by topics.

Practice Questions

Solve practice questions and view solutions. Your past answers are saved to track your progress.

Watch Videos

Missed a class? Watch recorded lessons online.

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Live tutoring with Skype

Video call

Meet your tutor online anytime, anywhere.

Note taking

Draw diagrams and take notes during the call.

Teaching on Edsembly

Get Paid

Advertise your tuition and get notified when students sign up.

Nurture Students

Help your students learn new skills and excel in their studies.

Post Content

Your notes, questions and videos can be easily managed online. Teach once and profit.

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How to teach on Edsembly?

1. Set up an account

Click the sign up button on the top right corner and create an account.

2. Become a Teacher

Click "Become a Teacher" at the top and click on create your classroom

3. Personalize your classroom

Fill in the form to personalize your classroom.

4. Add your class topics

You will be prompted to add your class topics on the "Topics" link.

5. Add notes, questions and videos

Finally, add your notes, questions and videos at the links on top.